August 21, 2015

Structured Network Cabling

CAT5e/CAT6 Cabling.

Moving to a new office? Adding a new employee workstation? Digitech Solutions can accommodate all of your telecom/network wiring. We provide certified CAT5e networks, RG6, and CAT3. We can install telephone, cable TV and Network stations all at one time in a cost effective way, no need to hire additional services from expensive electrical contractors. Aside from wiring, we also program routers, switches, and servers! Wiring is an estimate only basis. Prices are subject to change based on copper prices and location.


Wireless is becoming more and more popular. But is your wireless secure? Do you have sufficient bandwidth for each Wireless device? With wireless equipment being connected to your network, don’t take the risk of setting it up erroneously. Last thing you want is your competitor downloading your customer database from their vehicle outside. Let Digitech Solutions setup your Wireless devices today!

Do you have multiple trailers, satellite offices or equipment in somewhat close proximity? With Directional wireless antennas, Digitech Solutions can link the sites without the hassle of running underground conduit or using expensive overhead copper runs which minimize copper theft and initial setup time. We can assist you with setting up the right wireless connection and equipment.

Network Engineering and Design.

Most I.T. professionals cannot tell you what a T1 is, let alone working on how to connect five islands to one database here in Oahu. This is not because your IT professional is incompetent, it is because connecting Wide Area Networks (WAN) is a diverse process dealing mostly with telecommunication networks. T1s and digital circuits are not an everyday event, for even the savviest of IT professionals. IT professionals and consultants usually deal with servers, workstations and Local Area Networks (LANS). Large corporations usually have 1-2 network engineers working full time to build their 100-200 site corporate networks.


Digitech knows the business. Since 2002, Digitech Solutions has been working with local providers such as Level 3 and Hawaiian telecom. We have experienced representatives at each provider to give our customers the best internet/telephony solutions for their business and budget.