August 25, 2015

Enterprise Internet Access and Interconnections

Fiber Optic Internet Access

Digitech Solutions can provide up to 1000X1000Mbps internet to most businesses in Honolulu. We provide Dedicated fiber optic internet access with monitoring and real time support. When you have a special requirement for UltraFAST internet service Digitech can deliver what most providers cannot.

Prices start at $200 for 10/10Mbps.

Wireless Internet Access

If your building is not Fiber ready, Digitech can provide up 100X100Mbps wireless internet via Netgen Wireless Internet technology.

Multiple Site MPLS Circuits

Digitech’s network crosses all islands. With our local data center and extensive network. Digitech can connect all your business offices into one simplified easy to use network. With our MPLS service all equipment, service and support is provided for free. Because Digitech leverages carriers from Road Runner, Level 3, Hawaiiantel, Nocsta and Pacwave we can deliver to almost every part of Hawaii.


Digitech Solutions, LLC. only provides Internet for business.